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The Pedagog rail system allows any user of a classroom where the system has been fitted to    
efficiently use a range of teaching tools. Black/white boards, maps and overhead slides can be
used simultaneously with minimal effort and without any loss of time.

The Pedagog rail System is a flexible and safe system to use in the classroom. Maps, screens
and map rollers are fitted with attachments which are easily hooked onto rails attached to the
classroom ceiling. Fundamental for this flexibility is the width of the classroom. A standard
classroom is between 6 and 7 metres wide.

The rails are fixed to the ceiling of the classroom. Some modern buildings will not be suited for
ceiling attachments. In these instances a wall mounted rail system can be used.

The components of The Pedagog Rail System are manufactured from anodised aluminium. The wall
mountings are manufactured in white lacquered steel.

The screens are available in all length  ( up to 3000 mm ) and width ( up to 2400 mm ).
You can choose between standard cloth ( white/ grey backside) and professional cloth ( white/ black backside).

The Pedagog System is in compliance with current rules and regulations issued by SIS, the standards
authority in Sweden.

Aluminium Profile Rails are available up to 7000 mm. Standard size: 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 und 7000 mm.. Weight: 0,32 kg/m.
Screens, maps or maprollers are attached with the attachment wheels and hooked onto the Profile Rail.
( se fig. 1 )

The ceiling attachments are manufactured from anodised aluminium and available in two sizes:
250 and 500 mm. The shorter one is for 1-3 rails and the longer one is for up to 5 rails.
(se fig. 2 )





Two different wall mountings are available: 500 and 800 mm. These are used if the ceiling is
too high ( more than 3000 mm ) or otherwise not suitble. The distance between the wall mountings is dependent from the costruction of the wall: concrete or brick allow a 1200 mm distance, plaster 900 mm.
To achieve the correct angle to project overhead slides, the 800 mm wall mounting should be used. ( Detailed mounting instuctions are included )
( se fig. 3 )




       (se fig. 1)


Aluminiumclips are attached to the ceiling. Then the Profile Rail is put into the clips. Easy and safe.
( se Fig 4)




NR.   Article
27-80050   rail 3000 mm
27-80070   rail 4000 mm
27-80090    rail 5000 mm
27-80105   rail 6000 mm
27-80110   rail 7000 mm


Nr.   Article
27-80310   profile 250 mm 1-3 rails
27-80320   profile 500 mm 1-5 rails


Nr   Article
27-80351   railholder 5 pairs  2 anchor screws
27-80352   railholder 6 pairs  2 anchor screws

The above listed details want to give you some ideas how THE PEDAGOG SYSTEM works.
Please give us a call if you need further information

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